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We believe in love and the deepest respect towards all human beings and towards nature. And from this deep feeling and conviction is born our concept of ethical fashion. For you, that like to dress the essential in a basic way, elements and simple lines in pure colors, we create with great affection, in our small workshop in Berlin, designs with minimalist tendencies, adding small tones of color and texture, and merging of this way the culture of the sustainability of Germany with embroideries and laces of scarce production, elaborated by craftsmen of Paraguay using ancestral techniques, thus providing him with limited edition Haute Couture garments, elaborated with sustainable materials.

Greathical disengages from the rush. It is an ecologic, ethical and concept fashion brand. We focus on the use of natural materials, the reuse of recovered materials, giving value to the craft and the creation of exclusive pieces, respecting our body and nature.


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